Christie & Mitchell. A Ballina Manor Wedding


Christie & Mitchell were planning to wed at Boulders Beach, just south of Lennox Head, however the uncertain weather and wet lead up to their big day, had them opt for their wet-weather option… The Ballina Manor. The couple were always planning to get ready at the manor and have their reception there, but as it turned out, they also had their ceremony there as well.

There was a flurry of activity in the room where the girls were getting ready. Christie, her bridesmaids, four gorgeous flowergirls, hair and make-up experts, as well as additional support cast filled the room with an endless stream of activity. In the boys room, well, the boys were being boys, casually waiting for the clock to tick down to that moment when they absolutely had to get dressed.

Tears were flowing everywhere during the beautiful ceremony and the sun made an appearance, so we all headed out to Boulder’s for some fun location shots. Then it was back to the Manor where everyone enjoyed some incredible food and festivities for the rest of the evening.

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