Christie & Mitchell. A Ballina Manor Wedding


Christie & Mitchell were planning to wed at Boulders Beach, just south of Lennox Head, however the uncertain weather and wet lead up to their big day, had them opt for their wet-weather option… The Ballina Manor. The couple were always planning to get ready at the manor and have their reception there, but as it turned out, they also had their ceremony there as well.

There was a flurry of activity in the room where the girls were getting ready. Christie, her bridesmaids, four gorgeous flowergirls, hair and make-up experts, as well as additional support cast filled the room with an endless stream of activity. In the boys room, well, the boys were being boys, casually waiting for the clock to tick down to that moment when they absolutely had to get dressed.

Tears were flowing everywhere during the beautiful ceremony and the sun made an appearance, so we all headed out to Boulder’s for some fun location shots. Then it was back to the Manor where everyone enjoyed some incredible food and festivities for the rest of the evening.

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Melissa & Brad – Ballina Engagement Session

ballina wedding photography

Engagement sessions are so much fun that I think I could happily shoot one everyday… and lately it almost seems like I have been!

This past Saturday was Melissa and Bradley’s turn. Melissa was the winner of our $300 Gift Voucher at this year’s Ballina Bridal Expo. She and Brad were newly engaged and super-excited to have won. We were lucky enough to shoot on one of those magical Autumn afternoons at the popular Shelly Beach, Ballina and the Serpentine, a stunning area of Ballina that makes a perfect backdrop for a Northern River’s sunset.  It was a lovely relaxing afternoon and I hope Melissa and Bradley love their images as much as I loved taking them.


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Carly & Coady. An Alstonville Wedding

There’s something about weddings that is so uplifting. We all seem to be so crazy busy these days that I guess it is a very rare thing that we  stop and collectively celebrate  together.  Perhaps, that’s why weddings are so fantastic, it gives us all an opportunity to take a moment – pause – and just feel the pure joy of two people in love.

I’ve been looking forward to Richard bringing home images from Carly and Coady’s Alstonville wedding. These two had me hooked from their engagement shoot, they are just a really sweet couple and we knew the wedding would be something beautiful. I’m a big fan of vintage weddings, accessories and colours and there are some really beautiful details in this wedding that just looked fantastic. Carly exuded classical beauty on the day and I just know these images are going to make a killer wedding album.

Carly and Coady, I’m glad your wedding day was everything you hoped it would be, we send our very best wishes for your radiant future together.


Stacey & Mark. A Wet Weather Lismore Wedding.

The lead up to anyone’s wedding can be stressful, but for Stacey and Mark, it seemed like they had more than their fair share of hurdles. In the past week they had a number of hiccups with suppliers, including a car smashing through the front of their florist’s shop. Thankfully all their flower’s were safe, but with the run of luck they were having, of course it was going to rain on their big day.

In the morning there was a little light drizzle about, but just as the bride’s limo pulled into the church driveway, the heavens opened and down it came. Despite all of this, I never once saw anything less than a smile on the faces of Stacey and Mark, even during the location shoots when we all got a little wetter than we would have liked (take a look at Mark’s jacket in some of the images below). Their happiness however was contagious and the entire bridal party and myself all had a great afternoon. Thanks guys for making the wettest wedding I’ve attended for a while so much fun!


Kaila & Danny. Boulder’s Beach Wedding

During my twenty-odd years of living in Brisbane, there was always one part of the Northern Rivers district that would make me feel homesick whenever I passed through it. That’s the stretch of road between Lennox Head and Ballina. This road passes Boulders Beach, Skennars Head and Flat Rock, and all of these locations hold some of the fondest memories of my childhood and teenage years. I remember in my later teens wishing I could own (or at least visit) some of the spectacular properties that line the hilltops along this road. Well on Saturday, I finally got to visit one. This was the location of Kaila and Danny’s ceremony and reception and it was as gorgeous as I had always imagined. Uninterupted views across to Boulders Beach on a day when the weather was perfect! You couldn’t pick a more stunning location and the entire day was simply magical. A beautiful couple surrounded by gorgeous friends at a spectacular venue… it all made my job a little too easy!

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