Brodie & Will. A Broken Head Wedding.

Brodie & Will. A Broken Head Wedding.

Brodie and Will ventured north to Byron Bay from the ACT for their big day. The boys made a road trip of the journey and spent a leisurely week working their way up the NSW coastline.

The couple relied on Byron Bay Weddings to handle most of the arrangements, and as always, they certainly delivered! The boys prepared for the big event onsite at Barefoot at Broken Head, while the ladies readied themselves at one of the neighboring bungalows.

There was not a cloud in site on this spring morning as Brodie and her bridesmaids made their way down to the dunes off Broken Head beach, to join the rest of the bridal party and a hundred or so family and friends, for an intimate ceremony officiated by Helen Riminac.

After the ceremony, everyone made their way back to Barefoot for plenty of great music, amazing food, heartfelt speeches, hacky-sack and general goodtimes.

As sunset approached, the boys from Byron Wedding Visual, the bridal party and I, all ventured up to the Byron Bay Lighthouse, to make the most of the late afternoon light and the setting sun. Once again, Byron Bay delivered with an incredible sunset… and a simply perfect way to cap off a beautiful day.

Wedding Planner:

Byron Bay Weddings

Ceremony Venue:

Broken Head Beach

Reception Venue:

Barefoot at Broken Head


Byron Bay Weddings


Helen Riminac


Byron Wedding Visual

Hair & Makeup:

Aurum Bride


Luke Morris

Tom Frances

Sanctuary String Quartet


French Petal

Bridal Gown:

Sposabella Bridal – Allure Bridals

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Paula & Patrick. Broken Head Wedding.


I hadn’t shot at Barefoot at Broken Head before Paula & Patrick’s wedding. This hidden oasis is just a short walk to the beach and provides a very secluded, relaxed atmosphere which was absolutely perfect for this wedding. The entire afternoon felt much more like a fun backyard BBQ with friends then your typical wedding (except in this case, instead of a backyard BBQ, Eat Drink Catering provided a wonderful selection of canapés and a sensational Singapore noodle bar!).

Entertainment consisted of a fancy-dress DIY photobooth, giant Jenga and the acoustic delights of local singer/songwriter Luke Vassella. The very fitting wedding cake was supplied by Eat that Cake, flowers by Liz North and the ceremony was officiated by Kath Murphy.

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