Hope & Isaac. A Byron Bay Engagement Session

Hope & Isaac. A Byron Bay Engagement Session

Oh to be young and in love! Meet Hope and Isaac. These guys are in the final stages of planning a beautiful spring wedding for this September, and a couple of weeks ago, we headed down to Byron Bay for their engagement session.

I absolutely love this type of shoot… a casual stroll through gorgeous landscape with a beautiful couple and these guys were super easy to work with. Largely because they are both happy and easy-going, but also I believe, because Hope’s dad is a very talented and well-respected photographer himself and so I think she has spent plenty of time in front of the lens during her life.

No doubt, September will roll around in no time and I’m super-excited to be capturing their special day for them.

The Sherer Family. A Byron Bay Family Portrait session.

The Sherer Family. A Byron Bay Family Portrait session.

byron bay family portrait photography

Let me introduce you to the Sherer family, Katrina, Brian, Natalie & Camille, who travelled all the way from California to spend a couple of hours shooting with me in my grand office, commonly known as Byron Bay (they may have come to Australia for other reasons as well, but let’s not let facts get in the way of a good story).

This was such a fun shoot. Not only are the Sherer’s photogenic, but they are also a close-knit group who love spending time together. While Byron Bay once again delivered a perfect afternoon for shooting, it was the Sherer family who made this session such a blast.

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Katrina & Craig. A Belongil Wedding.

Katrina & Craig. A Belongil Wedding.

What an incredible day it was for Kate and Craig’s wedding. Craig is a fellow photographer who is kicking all sorts of goals in the photography world at the moment, so it was a huge honour to be entrusted with shooting his wedding.

Kate and Craig met at a Movember charity event a few years back and since then the romance has just gone from strength to strength and last year the guys welcomed their son Leo into the world. Little Leo stole the show at various moments throughout the day, and just like his dad, has an automatic smile cover his face as soon as a camera is pointed towards it.

The couple chose to have an intimate gathering in the parkland behind the dunes at Belongil Beach, officiated by the lovely Kirsty Laing. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and once all the formalities were out of the way, we popped over to The Pass for a quick sunset photo session. Special thanks to another superstar photographer, Benjamin Lynch, for helping capture the ceremony and location shoot.

The reception was held at the Belongil Bistro, where everyone was treated to incredible food, wonderful service and great music by Matt Walker.


Kirsty Laing

Kate’s Hair:

Byron Bay Wedding Hair Co

Kate’s MakeUp:

Makeup Maree

Craig’s Hair:

Mullet Hair

Ceremony Styling:

Frank & Joy

Reception Venue & Catering:

The Belongil


Matt Walker


Alstonville Florist

Second Shooter (and all-round legend):

Benjamin Lynch

Bec & Jamie. A Ballina Wedding.

Bec & Jamie. A Ballina Wedding.

Bec and Jamie have such an amazing group of friends and I have been lucky enough to shoot several of their weddings. So many, that I’m starting to feel like part of the family. Each and every one has been a celebration of love and friendship and Bec and Jamie’s big day was certainly no exception.

The day took place at Dunes on Shelly Beach with uninterrupted views of the ocean as a backdrop under clear blue skies. The styling featured many items created by the bride and groom and a stunning macrame arbor, crafted by Vicki Veitch.

While Jamie paced back and forth across the aisle, the girls arrived in style in one of Coast 58’s gorgeous kombis, to the acoustic tunes of groomsman Simon Doe. Susie Figgis delivered a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony, and then after a short photoshoot on the nearby beaches, everyone celebrated with the couple, long into the evening.

Congratulations guys… I look forward to catching up with everyone at the next wedding 🙂


Ceremony & Reception Venue:

Dunes on Shelly


Susie Figgis

Hair and Makeup:

Melissa Edwards


Dan Clark & Simon Doe


Lauren Burrows-Soutar


Wedding & Event Pantry

Bride & Groom DIY


Coast 58 Kombis

Bridal Gown:

Anna Campbell


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Sonya & Jamie. A Byron Bay Engagement Session.

Sonya & Jamie. A Byron Bay Engagement Session.


Is there anything better than a sunset photo session on the beach when the sky is filled with moody post-storm clouds? Well, I guess there probably is, but right now, nothing comes to mind. Sonya & Jamie travelled to Byron Bay from Sydney for their hinterland wedding and a few days before the wedding, we took to the beach to capture these images. Each of my album packages includes an ‘engagement session’, which is essentially just a trial run of what we’ll be doing together on the wedding day. It’s a great chance for us all to get to know one another better and for me to understand what is and isn’t important to the couple (Oh… and it’s also a great opportunity to show the groom that having professional photos taken isn’t really scary at all). Keep an eye on the blog for Sonya & Jamie’s wedding… coming soon!

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