Courtney & Jacob. A Byron Bay Elopement.

Courtney & Jacob. A Byron Bay Elopement.


Some people like to make their wedding day a huge, lavish event with hundreds of friends and family along to share in their celebrations. Others, like Courtney and Jacob, choose a more simplistic path. Courtney and Jacob flew up from Victoria and were joined by their witnesses, their celebrant and myself for a very private ceremony on Little Wategos Beach, Byron Bay. Susie Figgis ( delivered a beautiful service, complete with sand ceremony, in a manner that suited the couple perfectly. After the ceremony, some brief showers passed by, lasting just long enough to add a little variety to the images of the day, but not long enough to disturb anything else. Courtney, Jacob and I then had a great time exploring the landscape of Australia’s most easterly point… which would also be as close as we could get to Jacob’s hometown of Reno, Nevada without getting wet.





Kirby & Brad. A Byron Bay Beach Wedding.


One of the things I love most about being a wedding photographer is experiencing all the different ways people choose to celebrate their special day. The different cultures and religions, the locations and settings, the styling, all of it very diverse and equally appropriate and fitting to each couple. On this weekend, I spent Saturday in Bowral shooting the wedding of Jess and Sam, set in colour-rich autumn countryside, and the very next morning, I was back to the sunshine and golden sands of Byron Bay for the intimate ceremony of Kirby and Brad.

Kirby and Brad are from Mount Gambier in South Australia and fell in love with Byron on a previous holiday. They were married amongst a small gathering of family and friends on Byron Bay’s gorgeous Clarkes Beach. Michelle Shannon officiated the ceremony in her forever friendly and casual style. The guests were treated to the delicacies of the Byron Beach Cafe while we popped up to the Byron Bay Lighthouse in style, chauffeured by Alex of Coast 58 in his pristine 1958 Kombi.

I’d like to make a special mention and send out a huge thank you to Suze McLeod of Down Bangalow Road for assisting and second-shooting on the day… and capturing some incredible imagery!

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Karen & Graeme. A Byron Bay Beach Wedding.


It’s no surprise that so many couples choose a Byron Bay wedding. With her pristine beaches and stunning scenery, Byron Bay certainly has a lot to offer. Karen and Graeme both love the beach and first met when Karen enrolled in Graeme’s Surf School, so a Byron wedding and an Hawaiian honeymoon seemed the perfect choice!

The wedding ceremony was gorgeous and a real family affair. Graeme’s boys Lenny and Bowie were the best men and the couple’s daughter Lily was the gorgeous little flowergirl. Throughout the day we experienced bright, bright sunshine, sun showers and strong winds during the location shoot at the Byron Bay Lighthouse, but it all made for a beautiful day that was capped off with an absolutely spectacular sunset!

Here are just a few of the images from your day guys. I hope you are having a ball in Hawaii!


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