Justin Ealand. Byron Bay Portrait Photography.

Justin Ealand. Byron Bay Portrait Photography.

This is Justin… fellow photographer, creative, father, husband, deep thinker and mountain lover. Earlier this week, Justin visited my humble little studio in Bangalow to have his portrait taken. It’s quite an experience taking another photographer’s portrait… especially one that I respect and admire as much as I do Justin.

I have had the privilege of photographing many other photographer’s weddings, but this was the first time having one in a more intimate studio setting. It was also the very first time Justin had had his portrait taken in a studio environment, so I think neither of us were 100% sure of what to expect. But as we started, the shoot felt like a very comfortable and natural experience and it became somewhat a collaborative effort. Justin was happy for me to experiment with lighting setups that I hadn’t tried before and just juggle and fine tune things throughout the session. The final result was a rather dodgy-looking, but very effective lighting schematic that was used for the image above and the ones at the end of this post.

Thanks for the experience Justin.


Renee & Liam. A Byron Bay Engagement Session.

Renee & Liam. A Byron Bay Engagement Session.


What an incredible day I had yesterday. It started with a sunrise balloon flight across the Byron hinterland and ended on the beach with Renee and Liam, shooting their engagement session. These guys were so much fun during the shoot. Within a few minutes of firing off my first few frames, dark storm clouds rolled in and with them, plenty of rain. Instead of heading for cover however, Renee and Liam were happy to keep on with the shoot, and I am so glad they did!

The stormy weather had also created a rather unique look to the ocean. Belongil Creek was emptying into the sea and the dark teatree-stained water filled the first twenty metres or so of surf. By the end of the shoot we were all saturated, but laughing all the way back to the cars. Thanks so much for being such get sports guys… I can’t wait for your big day!

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Sarah & Jordan. A Byron Bay Engagement Session.


Sarah and Jordan braved the long weekend traffic to venture into Byron Bay last Friday for their engagement session. Being the long weekend, most of the location options for such a shoot were flooded with visitors to the area, so I took the couple to a very quiet and private part of Belongil Beach. It was a gorgeous afternoon and possibly the calmest one we’ve had for quite some time. The inlet at Belongil Creek was like a mirror… so we made the most of it with several reflection shots.

It is now less than two weeks until these guys tie the knot at Byron’s famous Fig Tree Restaurant and I can’t wait to capture the big day!

ENG-Sarah-Jordan-003byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-002byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-004byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-005byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-006byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-007byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-008byron bay wedding photographerezgif.com-gif-makerbyron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-009byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-010byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-011byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-012byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-013byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-014byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-015byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-016byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-017byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-018

Mårtensson Family. Byron Bay Family Photography Session.


Byron Bay holds a very special place in the hearts of Yasemin and Johan Mårtensson. Although they are both from Sweden, it was Byron Bay where they first met fourteen years ago. The couple have been holidaying here for the past couple of months with their children and wanted to preserve the memories with a photo session on the beach. Below are just a few of the images from their session.

Lately I have been wearing shorts to beach sessions as I usually end up getting in the water up to my knees to grab particular shots. On this occasion however, I had just come from a commercial shoot and was decked out in full business attire. Initially I rolled up my pants as I paddled around but as soon as the first wave hit me, I just gave up and went all the way in up to my shoulders. I think it was well worth the effort though. The water was beautiful and I think we grabbed a few great shots as a result!

Mårtensson-002byron bay wedding photographer Mårtensson-003byron bay wedding photographer Mårtensson-004byron bay wedding photographer Mårtensson-005byron bay wedding photographer Mårtensson-006byron bay wedding photographer Mårtensson-007byron bay wedding photographer Mårtensson-008byron bay wedding photographer Mårtensson-009byron bay wedding photographer Mårtensson-010byron bay wedding photographer Mårtensson-011byron bay wedding photographer Mårtensson-012

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