Justin Ealand. Byron Bay Portrait Photography.

Justin Ealand. Byron Bay Portrait Photography.

This is Justin… fellow photographer, creative, father, husband, deep thinker and mountain lover. Earlier this week, Justin visited my humble little studio in Bangalow to have his portrait taken. It’s quite an experience taking another photographer’s portrait… especially one that I respect and admire as much as I do Justin.

I have had the privilege of photographing many other photographer’s weddings, but this was the first time having one in a more intimate studio setting. It was also the very first time Justin had had his portrait taken in a studio environment, so I think neither of us were 100% sure of what to expect. But as we started, the shoot felt like a very comfortable and natural experience and it became somewhat a collaborative effort. Justin was happy for me to experiment with lighting setups that I hadn’t tried before and just juggle and fine tune things throughout the session. The final result was a rather dodgy-looking, but very effective lighting schematic that was used for the image above and the ones at the end of this post.

Thanks for the experience Justin.


Courtney & Jacob. A Byron Bay Elopement.

Courtney & Jacob. A Byron Bay Elopement.


Some people like to make their wedding day a huge, lavish event with hundreds of friends and family along to share in their celebrations. Others, like Courtney and Jacob, choose a more simplistic path. Courtney and Jacob flew up from Victoria and were joined by their witnesses, their celebrant and myself for a very private ceremony on Little Wategos Beach, Byron Bay. Susie Figgis (www.lifeceremonies.com.au) delivered a beautiful service, complete with sand ceremony, in a manner that suited the couple perfectly. After the ceremony, some brief showers passed by, lasting just long enough to add a little variety to the images of the day, but not long enough to disturb anything else. Courtney, Jacob and I then had a great time exploring the landscape of Australia’s most easterly point… which would also be as close as we could get to Jacob’s hometown of Reno, Nevada without getting wet.





Rebecca & Liam. A Belongil Beach Engagement Session.

Rebecca & Liam. A Belongil Beach Engagement Session.


I love this part of Belongil Beach for photo sessions. It is usually very quiet compared to Byron Bay’s most popular beaches and on this particular day, it was virtually deserted. The stormy clouds and earlier rain had kept many people from venturing outside, but Rebecca and Liam couldn’t have asked for better weather for their shoot. Not a drop of rain, beautiful light, moody clouds and sand so white it almost glowed against the dark skies… simply perfect!

These guys were so good together that I didn’t really have to do much more than push a button. They were laughing and cuddling all afternoon and I just knew their wedding day was going to be a wonderful day… more on that soon.

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Mårtensson Family. Byron Bay Family Photography Session.


Byron Bay holds a very special place in the hearts of Yasemin and Johan Mårtensson. Although they are both from Sweden, it was Byron Bay where they first met fourteen years ago. The couple have been holidaying here for the past couple of months with their children and wanted to preserve the memories with a photo session on the beach. Below are just a few of the images from their session.

Lately I have been wearing shorts to beach sessions as I usually end up getting in the water up to my knees to grab particular shots. On this occasion however, I had just come from a commercial shoot and was decked out in full business attire. Initially I rolled up my pants as I paddled around but as soon as the first wave hit me, I just gave up and went all the way in up to my shoulders. I think it was well worth the effort though. The water was beautiful and I think we grabbed a few great shots as a result!

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