Bec & Jamie. A Ballina Wedding.

Bec & Jamie. A Ballina Wedding.

Bec and Jamie have such an amazing group of friends and I have been lucky enough to shoot several of their weddings. So many, that I’m starting to feel like part of the family. Each and every one has been a celebration of love and friendship and Bec and Jamie’s big day was certainly no exception.

The day took place at Dunes on Shelly Beach with uninterrupted views of the ocean as a backdrop under clear blue skies. The styling featured many items created by the bride and groom and a stunning macrame arbor, crafted by Vicki Veitch.

While Jamie paced back and forth across the aisle, the girls arrived in style in one of Coast 58’s gorgeous kombis, to the acoustic tunes of groomsman Simon Doe. Susie Figgis delivered a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony, and then after a short photoshoot on the nearby beaches, everyone celebrated with the couple, long into the evening.

Congratulations guys… I look forward to catching up with everyone at the next wedding 🙂


Ceremony & Reception Venue:

Dunes on Shelly


Susie Figgis

Hair and Makeup:

Melissa Edwards


Dan Clark & Simon Doe


Lauren Burrows-Soutar


Wedding & Event Pantry

Bride & Groom DIY


Coast 58 Kombis

Bridal Gown:

Anna Campbell


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Stephanie & Dylan. A Fig Tree Restaurant Wedding.

Stephanie & Dylan. A Fig Tree Restaurant Wedding.


Many couples choose Byron Bay as the location for their wedding day. With her world-class beaches, relaxed atmosphere and abundance of amazing wedding venues, it’s a pretty easy decision. Steph and Dylan’s reasoning though, is a little more unique than most. You see, both Steph and Dylan’s families both used to holiday in Byron Bay and on one occasion, many years ago, they happened to book cabins right next to one another. There was an instant attraction at first sight and the guys have been virtually inseparable ever since.

The wedding and reception were both held at Byron Bay’s incredibly popular Fig Tree Restaurant & Rooms. Master Celebrant Benjamin Carlyle injected his unique style of humour and groovy vibes into the ceremony and the guys from North Coast Entertainment kept everyone partying long into the night. The gorgeous Kombi was supplied by Alex at Coast 58.

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Kirby & Brad. A Byron Bay Beach Wedding.


One of the things I love most about being a wedding photographer is experiencing all the different ways people choose to celebrate their special day. The different cultures and religions, the locations and settings, the styling, all of it very diverse and equally appropriate and fitting to each couple. On this weekend, I spent Saturday in Bowral shooting the wedding of Jess and Sam, set in colour-rich autumn countryside, and the very next morning, I was back to the sunshine and golden sands of Byron Bay for the intimate ceremony of Kirby and Brad.

Kirby and Brad are from Mount Gambier in South Australia and fell in love with Byron on a previous holiday. They were married amongst a small gathering of family and friends on Byron Bay’s gorgeous Clarkes Beach. Michelle Shannon officiated the ceremony in her forever friendly and casual style. The guests were treated to the delicacies of the Byron Beach Cafe while we popped up to the Byron Bay Lighthouse in style, chauffeured by Alex of Coast 58 in his pristine 1958 Kombi.

I’d like to make a special mention and send out a huge thank you to Suze McLeod of Down Bangalow Road for assisting and second-shooting on the day… and capturing some incredible imagery!

Kirby-Brad-001byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-002byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-003byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-004byron bay wedding photographerKirby-Brad-006byron bay wedding photographerKirby-Brad-005byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-007byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-007Bbyron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-008byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-009byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-009Bbyron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-010byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-011byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-012byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-013byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-014byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-015byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-016byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-017byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-018byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-019byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-021byron bay wedding photographerKirby-Brad-022byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-020byron bay wedding photographerKirby-Brad-023byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-024byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-025byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-026byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-027byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-028byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-029byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-030byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-031byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-032byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-033byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-034byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-035byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-036byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-037byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-038byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-039byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-040byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-041byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-042byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-043byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-044byron bay wedding photographer Kirby-Brad-045

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