Stacey & Mark. A Wet Weather Lismore Wedding.

The lead up to anyone’s wedding can be stressful, but for Stacey and Mark, it seemed like they had more than their fair share of hurdles. In the past week they had a number of hiccups with suppliers, including a car smashing through the front of their florist’s shop. Thankfully all their flower’s were safe, but with the run of luck they were having, of course it was going to rain on their big day.

In the morning there was a little light drizzle about, but just as the bride’s limo pulled into the church driveway, the heavens opened and down it came. Despite all of this, I never once saw anything less than a smile on the faces of Stacey and Mark, even during the location shoots when we all got a little wetter than we would have liked (take a look at Mark’s jacket in some of the images below). Their happiness however was contagious and the entire bridal party and myself all had a great afternoon. Thanks guys for making the wettest wedding I’ve attended for a while so much fun!


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