Bec & Jamie. A Ballina Wedding.

Bec & Jamie. A Ballina Wedding.

Bec and Jamie have such an amazing group of friends and I have been lucky enough to shoot several of their weddings. So many, that I’m starting to feel like part of the family. Each and every one has been a celebration of love and friendship and Bec and Jamie’s big day was certainly no exception.

The day took place at Dunes on Shelly Beach with uninterrupted views of the ocean as a backdrop under clear blue skies. The styling featured many items created by the bride and groom and a stunning macrame arbor, crafted by Vicki Veitch.

While Jamie paced back and forth across the aisle, the girls arrived in style in one of Coast 58’s gorgeous kombis, to the acoustic tunes of groomsman Simon Doe. Susie Figgis delivered a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony, and then after a short photoshoot on the nearby beaches, everyone celebrated with the couple, long into the evening.

Congratulations guys… I look forward to catching up with everyone at the next wedding ūüôā


Ceremony & Reception Venue:

Dunes on Shelly


Susie Figgis

Hair and Makeup:

Melissa Edwards


Dan Clark & Simon Doe


Lauren Burrows-Soutar


Wedding & Event Pantry

Bride & Groom DIY


Coast 58 Kombis

Bridal Gown:

Anna Campbell


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