Kimberley & Shane. An Elements of Byron Wedding.

Kimberley & Shane. An Elements of Byron Wedding.

Last weekend was truly an emotional weekend for weddings in the Northern Rivers region. The area was hit with the worst flooding in almost 50 years and many couple’s weddings were affected. Roads were cut in all directions which meant wedding guests and suppliers simply weren’t able to reach their destination.

For Kimberley and Shane, several of their guests were trapped north of Byron Bay and the disappointment was obvious. Tears were flowing, stress levels were high, but then at the last minute, while Shane was patiently waiting for his bride-to-be, a group of guests came sprinting across the fields and made it to the ceremony literally seconds before Kim arrived.

Luck it seemed was definitely on Kim and Shane’s side. The clouds parted and the couple were married under the first patch of blue sky I had seen for what seemed like weeks.

This set the tone for the rest of the day. Kim and Shane exchanged vows, with their gorgeous daughter Luella in their arms, at Elements of Byron’s beautiful Heart of the Bay in front of their closest family and friends, to the acoustic tunes of Luke & Sebastian.

The reception was held back at the resort, where everyone enjoyed themselves long into the evening.


Wedding Planner:

Elements of Byron

Ceremony Venue:

Elements of Byron

Reception Venue & Catering:

Elements of Byron


Heidi Robertson

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Wedding Cake:

Byron Bay Cake Boutique


Luke & Sebastian


The French Petal

Decor & Lighting:

Hampton Event Hire

North Coast Events

Catherine & Troy and a beautiful Fiji morning

fiji wedding shangri-la


Catherine and Troy. Best friends, life-long companions, parents and now, husband and wife. What a simply perfect, stunning, gorgeous, relaxing, fun and exciting way to stage a wedding. Rich and I really can’t say enough about how wonderful this wedding was. We all know that weddings can be stressful but Catherine and Troy’s wedding at the Shangri-La Resort in Fiji was completely the opposite. It had everything needed for a simply joyous celebration of their marriage; a breath-taking location, an intimate collection of family and friends, and lots and lots of fun.

Dare I say it? This was my favourite wedding EVER (yes, including my own and that was hard to beat). We sincerely wish Catherine and Troy and their two beautiful boys an amazing future filled with love. We have so many lovely images from this wedding that we thought we would start with the peace and tranquility of the images below. Stay tuned for a full blog post soon. In the meantime, we give you – Troy and Catherine.


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Mavis’s Kitchen Wedding with Kylie & Andrew…. & Wilko… & Alex… & Ted

photobooth - in the boothIan ‘Wilko’ Wilkinson, a Brisbane wedding photographer,  has been a friend, colleague and mentor to me now for many years. I first met Wilko when I was working for a creative software company and it was he who first dragged me along to shoot a wedding. The idea of choosing photography as a career had never even crossed my mind until that day. From memory, the shoot was about a 90 minute drive from Brisbane and I think he may have invited me along just so he had come company for the drive. The results however, I think, surprised us both. I absolutely loved every moment of the day and Wilko told me I was the best assistant he had ever had. For all I knew, he may well say this to everyone who ever assists him, however it was enough for the cogs in my mind to start turning and working a path to truly turning this into a career… and loving every minute!

It has been a number of years since I have assisted Wilko on a wedding, so when he said he was shooting at Mavis’s Kitchen, practically in my backyard, I jumped at the opportunity to tag along.

Kylie is also a photographer, so it was no surprise that she chose Ian Wilkinson to capture every aspect of the day. Ian and I were capturing the entire day digitally. Ted Hagemeijer from ‘In The Booth’ was working hard entertaining the guests with his photobooth. And as a special treat, Wilko organised Alex Kennison to capture tintypes using old-school, wet plate collodion techniques that date back to the 1850’s. We are pretty sure this is the first wedding to combine the modern digital capture with techniques from the 1800’s. Alex had converted his Tarago into a mobile darkroom so that he could prepare the plates and process them as soon as each image was captured. It was a real treat to watch and a great crowd-pleaser!

Kylie and Andrew, I hope you had an amazing day… you certainly won’t have any shortage of imagery to remember it by.



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Rebecca & Garth. A Yamba lighthouse wedding.

yamba lighthouse wedding

It has been a long time since I have attended a wedding that was as casual and relaxed throughout the entire day as Rebecca and Garth’s Yamba wedding was last weekend. Weddings are beautiful, joyous events, but often when something unexpected occurs that puts a chink in the iron-clad plan that was months and months in the making, a certain level of stress creeps over everyone involved. Not in this case. Every part of the day was so relaxed that you could be excused for forgetting it was in fact Rebecca and Garth’s wedding day… I even had to pull Garth’s dad away from his fishing to get some photos with the boys.

Thank you for making my job that much easier guys. The fourteen hour day really seemed to pass in virtually no time at all.


yamba-wedding-01yamba-wedding-02yamba-wedding-03yamba-wedding-04yamba-wedding-05yamba-wedding-06yamba-wedding-07yamba-wedding-10yamba-wedding-09yamba-wedding-08yamba-wedding-11yamba weddingyamba-wedding-25yamba-wedding-12yamba-wedding-13yamba-wedding-14yamba-wedding-15yamba-wedding-16yamba-wedding-17yamba beachside weddingyamba-wedding-18yamba-wedding-19yamba-wedding-20yamba-wedding-21yamba-wedding-22yamba-wedding-23

Karen & Graeme. A Byron Bay Beach Wedding.


It’s no surprise that so many couples choose a Byron Bay wedding. With her pristine beaches and stunning scenery, Byron Bay certainly has a lot to offer. Karen and Graeme both love the beach and first met when Karen enrolled in Graeme’s Surf School, so a Byron wedding and an Hawaiian honeymoon seemed the perfect choice!

The wedding ceremony was gorgeous and a real family affair. Graeme’s boys Lenny and Bowie were the best men and the couple’s daughter Lily was the gorgeous little flowergirl. Throughout the day we experienced bright, bright sunshine, sun showers and strong winds during the location shoot at the Byron Bay Lighthouse, but it all made for a beautiful day that was capped off with an absolutely spectacular sunset!

Here are just a few of the images from your day guys. I hope you are having a ball in Hawaii!


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