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Rebecca & Garth. Bangalow Engagement Session


January is always a very busy time of year for me as I catch up with finalising album layouts, edit up our recent weddings and start planning for the wedding season ahead. It often means many, many, many hours at my desk and it is always a welcome break when I can schedule some shooting time away from the computer!  So, while it was a productive week, I was more than happy to finish the week with the engagement session of Rebecca and Garth, shot in Bangalow – our home town.

Rebecca and Garth are in the region for a few days while they finalise all the arrangements for their beautiful Yamba wedding to be held in March. We kept the afternoon very relaxed and simply took a casual stroll along the train tracks in Bangalow. There are a couple of locations I see everyday and until now hadn’t had the opportunity to shoot in. It was great to be able to use these locations and we all had an enjoyable afternoon, getting to know one another and making images that I hope they will love. Here’s a preview of  what turned out to be a fantastic afternoon. I can’t wait until the wedding!


Bec_Garth_002 Bec_Garth_003 Bec_Garth_002b Bec_Garth_004 Bec_Garth_005 Bec_Garth_006 Bec_Garth_007 Bec_Garth_008 Bec_Garth_009 Bec_Garth_010 Bec_Garth_011 Bec_Garth_012

Debbie & Jaco. A Brisbane Wedding.

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For six long months, Debbie’s mum had worked tirelessly to create gorgeous button bouquets and accessories for Debbie and Jaco’s Brisbane wedding. It was obvious that Deb’s mum wanted the very best for her on her wedding day, and from the proud look on Dad’s face as he walked her down the aisle, he also wanted the very best for his ‘little girl’ – after all, it was Debbie’s Dad who introduced the bride and groom, so he had to be happy with her choice!

I have been lucky enough to photograph two weddings for this fantastic family and being asked to shoot this wedding, just a few days before the close of the year, was one of my highlights of 2012. Debbie and Jaco are an amazing couple and the wedding really was a heartfelt celebration of their love.

Debbie looked stunning in her elegant bridal gown, Jaco beamed all day, everyone was relaxed and then add to that, the beautiful Brisbane locations, and all the lovely details of the wedding – it just made my job too easy! With guests travelling from all over the world, this was a truly special celebration and I’m honored to have had my small role in it. Congratulations guys, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of your photos.


Debbie-Jaco-01 Debbie-Jaco-02 Debbie-Jaco-03 Debbie-Jaco-04 Debbie-Jaco-06 Debbie-Jaco-05 Debbie-Jaco-14 Debbie-Jaco-15 Debbie-Jaco-16 Debbie-Jaco-17 Debbie-Jaco-18 Debbie-Jaco-19 Debbie-Jaco-20 Debbie-Jaco-21 Debbie-Jaco-07 Debbie-Jaco-08 Debbie-Jaco-09 Debbie-Jaco-10 Debbie-Jaco-11 Debbie-Jaco-12 Debbie-Jaco-13 Debbie-Jaco-22 Debbie-Jaco-23 Debbie-Jaco-24

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