Christie & Mitchell. A Ballina Manor Wedding


Christie & Mitchell were planning to wed at Boulders Beach, just south of Lennox Head, however the uncertain weather and wet lead up to their big day, had them opt for their wet-weather option… The Ballina Manor. The couple were always planning to get ready at the manor and have their reception there, but as it turned out, they also had their ceremony there as well.

There was a flurry of activity in the room where the girls were getting ready. Christie, her bridesmaids, four gorgeous flowergirls, hair and make-up experts, as well as additional support cast filled the room with an endless stream of activity. In the boys room, well, the boys were being boys, casually waiting for the clock to tick down to that moment when they absolutely had to get dressed.

Tears were flowing everywhere during the beautiful ceremony and the sun made an appearance, so we all headed out to Boulder’s for some fun location shots. Then it was back to the Manor where everyone enjoyed some incredible food and festivities for the rest of the evening.

Christie-Mitch--003byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--002byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--001byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--004byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--005byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--006byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--007byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--008byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--009byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--010byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--012byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--013byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--014byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--015byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--011byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--016byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--017byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--018byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--019byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--020byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--021byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--022byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--023byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--024byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--025byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--026byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--027byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--028byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--029byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--030byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--031byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--032byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--033byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--034byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--035byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--036byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--037byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--038byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--039byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--040byron bay wedding photographerChristie-Mitch--041

Laura & Thomas. A Byron Bay Beach Wedding.


It was an absolutely blisteringly hot day on Saturday when Laura & Thomas became husband and wife. The beach setting for their ceremony was a lot more crowded than it usually would be with everyone from miles around turning to the cool of the ocean to ease the heat. During part of the service I actually couldn’t see what I was doing as my eyes were stinging from sweat and my glasses were all fogged up. And as you can imagine, the use of your eyes are kind of important for a photographer. Despite the conditions that would make some couple’s moods heat up to match that of the climate, not once did I see anything but beaming smiles on the faces of Laura and Tom (well except for the moment Tom teared up when he first saw Laura walk onto the beach). These guys laughed and smiled all day and I actually have a sore face now from smiling so much as I work through editing their images.

The entire day was one of the most fun weddings I’ve attended, despite the heat. It was all too easy to ride along on the excitement and joy that was beaming from Laura and Tom. From beginning to end, the whole day was a blast…  and they even had a flash mob first dance!

Laura-Thomas-01byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-02byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-03byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-04byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-05byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-06byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-07byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-08byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-09byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-10byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-11byron bay wedding photographer Laura-Thomas-12byron bay wedding photographer Laura-Thomas-13byron bay wedding photographer Laura-Thomas-14byron bay wedding photographer Laura-Thomas-15byron bay wedding photographer Laura-Thomas-16byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-17byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-18byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-19byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-20byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-21byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-22byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-23byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-24byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-25byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-26byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-27byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-28byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-29byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-30byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-31byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-32byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-33byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-34byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-35byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-36byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-38byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-39byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-40byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-41byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-42byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-43byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-44byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-45byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-46byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-47byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-48byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-49byron bay wedding photographer Laura-Thomas-50byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-51byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-52byron bay wedding photographerLaura-Thomas-53

Laura & Thomas. A Byron Bay Engagement Photography Session.


Laura and Thomas are all set to be married tomorrow at Clarkes Beach, Byron Bay. Earlier this week we spent the afternoon taking a few shots in and around The Farm at Byron Bay. It seems Thomas had tossed around the idea of a country wedding however Laura won out with her choice of a beach wedding, so it seemed only fair to have a country style engagement shoot. I haven’t been to The Farm for a few months but it sure has come a long way since my last visit. It looks like the restaurant and cheese factory are getting very close to completion. It will be a great venue for Byron Bay once it’s up and running… I can’t wait!

I also can’t wait to hit the beach tomorrow for Laura and Thomas’ wedding, and in this event, I won’t have to wait too long.

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