Stephanie and Dylan live in Melbourne and decided to be married in gorgeous Byron Bay (more on that in their wedding post… coming soon!). As they were from out of town, the only chance we had to shoot their engagement session was just a couple of days before the wedding. ‘Engagement Session’ may even be the wrong term for these shoots. They are more like a ‘trial run’ where the couple and I get to know one another a little better and I get to understand what is important to them photographically. They also have the opportunity to experience what it’s like in front of my camera and realise that it’s not really all that scary… more like a casual walk in the park… or in this case, a nice stroll on the beach.

For Steph and Dyl’s engagement session, we ventured down to one of my favourite parts of Belongil Beach. A nice, quiet part of Byron Bay where you can just about believe you are the only ones on the planet. These guys have so much fun together and Steph has the most infectious smile I have ever come across. Stay tuned for highlights from their Fig Tree wedding hitting the blog very soon.

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