Sonya & Jamie. A Byron Bay Hinterland Wedding.

Sonya & Jamie. A Byron Bay Hinterland Wedding.

Long before their wedding date rolled around, I knew Sonya and Jamie’s wedding was going to be amazing. Not only are they a beautiful couple, but they choose some of my favourite wedding vendors to pull their day together. And when you know that everything is being left in the hands of talented people you have worked with before, you just know everything is going to go as planned… or perhaps even better than the couple had imagined.

All of the preparations and the ceremony took place at one of the hinterland’s hidden gems. The R&R Ranch is a Colorado resort style home with more than enough room to accommodate everything you need for a wedding. Catering at the ranch was taken care of by the wonderful staff from Harvest Cafe and everything was organised and managed to perfection by Rachael from The Events Lounge. The ceremony was officiated by the region’s grooviest celebrant, Mr Benjamin Carlyle, to the delightful tunes of Josh Boots from North Coast Entertainment.

After the ceremony, Jon and Seb from Byron Wedding Visual and I took to some of the gorgeous surrounding landscape to capture the couple’s images and video. Sonya and Jamie travelled in style upon the Magic Bus and then we were treated to more music, celebrations and incredible food at Harvest Cafe.

Wedding Planner:

The Events Lounge

Ceremony Venue:

R&R Ranch

Reception Venue & Catering:

Harvest Cafe


Benjamin Carlyle


Byron Wedding Visual


North Coast Entertainment


Elyssium Blooms

Hair & Makeup:

Erin Gallienne

Decor & Lighting:


Hampton Event Hire

North Coast Events

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Stephanie & Dylan. A Fig Tree Restaurant Wedding.

Stephanie & Dylan. A Fig Tree Restaurant Wedding.


Many couples choose Byron Bay as the location for their wedding day. With her world-class beaches, relaxed atmosphere and abundance of amazing wedding venues, it’s a pretty easy decision. Steph and Dylan’s reasoning though, is a little more unique than most. You see, both Steph and Dylan’s families both used to holiday in Byron Bay and on one occasion, many years ago, they happened to book cabins right next to one another. There was an instant attraction at first sight and the guys have been virtually inseparable ever since.

The wedding and reception were both held at Byron Bay’s incredibly popular Fig Tree Restaurant & Rooms. Master Celebrant Benjamin Carlyle injected his unique style of humour and groovy vibes into the ceremony and the guys from North Coast Entertainment kept everyone partying long into the night. The gorgeous Kombi was supplied by Alex at Coast 58.

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Melissa & James. A Fig Tree, Byron Bay Wedding.

Melissa & James. A Fig Tree, Byron Bay Wedding.


Melissa and James’ wedding seemed as though it was going to be wet, wet, wet and for most of the day it was. There were glimpses of sunshine throughout the morning, followed by showers and then a little more sunshine. Fig Tree was set up for an outdoor ceremony and the staff were constantly keeping an eye on local radars to navigate the day through the weather. With just a short delay, the ceremony took place and for a while we couldn’t have asked for better conditions. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, birds were singing and circling overhead and there was even a rainbow shining over Byron Bay. It was simply beautiful!

The relief that the break in the weather provided, combined with the light-hearted, charismatic and often humorous delivery of the service by Benjamin Carlyle, meant that everyone’s spirits were lifted and much of the ceremony was spent in bouts of laughter.

The team at Fig Treet Restaurant & Rooms once again provided exceptional service throughout the entire day and the reception was an absolute blast!

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