Laura & Thomas. A Byron Bay Beach Wedding.


It was an absolutely blisteringly hot day on Saturday when Laura & Thomas became husband and wife. The beach setting for their ceremony was a lot more crowded than it usually would be with everyone from miles around turning to the cool of the ocean to ease the heat. During part of the service I actually couldn’t see what I was doing as my eyes were stinging from sweat and my glasses were all fogged up. And as you can imagine, the use of your eyes are kind of important for a photographer. Despite the conditions that would make some couple’s moods heat up to match that of the climate, not once did I see anything but beaming smiles on the faces of Laura and Tom (well except for the moment Tom teared up when he first saw Laura walk onto the beach). These guys laughed and smiled all day and I actually have a sore face now from smiling so much as I work through editing their images.

The entire day was one of the most fun weddings I’ve attended, despite the heat. It was all too easy to ride along on the excitement and joy that was beaming from Laura and Tom. From beginning to end, the whole day was a blast…  and they even had a flash mob first dance!

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