Mårtensson Family. Byron Bay Family Photography Session.


Byron Bay holds a very special place in the hearts of Yasemin and Johan Mårtensson. Although they are both from Sweden, it was Byron Bay where they first met fourteen years ago. The couple have been holidaying here for the past couple of months with their children and wanted to preserve the memories with a photo session on the beach. Below are just a few of the images from their session.

Lately I have been wearing shorts to beach sessions as I usually end up getting in the water up to my knees to grab particular shots. On this occasion however, I had just come from a commercial shoot and was decked out in full business attire. Initially I rolled up my pants as I paddled around but as soon as the first wave hit me, I just gave up and went all the way in up to my shoulders. I think it was well worth the effort though. The water was beautiful and I think we grabbed a few great shots as a result!

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