Louise & Tiernan. A Wollongbar Wedding.

Louise & Tiernan. A Wollongbar Wedding.


The wedding of Louise and Tiernan was a long time coming. The couple have been together for the best part of a decade and they have watched their friends all slowly embark into married life, and yet it took Tiernan what seemed like forever to pop the question. Why you ask? Tiernan has an innate fear of public speaking and the thought of giving a speech in front of all his friends and family was just too much! You’ll be happy to know that his speech was flawless and he can now happily avoid microphones for the rest of his days.

The couple had their ceremony and reception at Wollongbar’s Down Convery’s Lane, a rustic, country venue, purpose-built for weddings. It was a beautiful day that just seemed to run as smooth as possible from beginning to end. Congratulations guys!

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Kym & Kent. An Alstonville Wedding.


Kym and Kent’s magical day started at the Ramada Hotel & Suites in Ballina. Kym and her bridesmaids had their hair and makeup styled by Jessica Briggs. Jess always does such lovely, natural work and the results photograph beautifully. The boys were all getting ready just down the hall, with a little whiskey to help things along.

The ceremony was held in the grand old Alstonville Uniting church which celebrated its 100th anniversary just a few years ago. The couple were joined by more than a hundred of their family and friends who all witnessed a wonderfully heartfelt service.

From there everyone made their way up to Down Convery’s Lane at Woollongbar for drinks and canapes and later dinner, more drinks and a whole lot of dancing.

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