Rachel & Chris. Evans Head Wedding

I love being a photographer! One of the things I like most, besides the art and craft, is the camaraderie among fellow photographers. Essentially we are all competitors, but you would never guess it. We socialise with one another, we educate one another, we bounce ideas off one another and when one of us needs a hand, there is generally a number of colleagues eager and willing to step up and help out. Such was the case with Rachel and Chris’ wedding.

I received a call a couple of weeks ago from one such photographer in need. Dan from Sol Photography had called looking for someone to take on one of their weddings as his wife Bec had just injured her back and was laid up with a herniated disk… OUCH!! I had another job booked in Lismore which was due to start an hour after this Evans Head wedding was to finish (which for the non-local readers is about a 50 minute drive), but I was more than happy to help out provided everyone was aware of the schedule. Everything was cleared with the bride and groom and so Saturday morning I was off to shoot their wedding.

Rachel and Chris are a great couple and their wedding had it all… rain, tears, laughter, umbrellas, more rain and even a spot of jousting! As fate would have it, the Lismore job was postponed due to illness which freed me up to stay a little longer at the wedding. Saturday was filled with scattered showers and one short torrential downpour… which just happened to occur right at the scheduled ceremony time. The couple decided to wait it out and the delayed ceremony was simply beautiful. Below is just a small sample of what was truly a gorgeous wedding.

Rachel and Chris, I am so pleased I got to spend your special day with you, and Bec, I hope you are back on your feet in no time.



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