Therese & Angelo. An Elements @ Byron Bay Wedding.

Therese & Angelo. An Elements @ Byron Bay Wedding.

Each year Therese and Angelo take a break from city life and head to Kingscliff to holiday with their two beautiful girls. This year, unbeknownst to all their family and friends, before heading to Kingscliff, they took a short stay at Elements of Byron and tied the knot.

The couple both come from Italian heritage and have already been together for 17 years… so it should come as no surprise that their wedding wasn’t going to be a traditional affair. The ceremony took place by the duck pond on the grounds of Elements, to the dulcet tones of Rhydian Lewis and was officiated by Therese’s life-long friend, Melissa Fahey.

After the ceremony, we strolled around the grounds of Elements and Belongil Beach, capturing memories as the sun set on what was a gorgeous day.

Back at Elements, the party was treated to an incredible meal, fantastic service and more wonderful music by Rhydian.



Ceremony Venue:

Elements of Byron

Reception Venue & Catering:

Elements of Byron


Melissa Fahey


Rhydian Lewis

The Kearey Family. Eureka Family Portrait Session

We all know how busy life can be. It seems that these days, everyone has a million and one things to think about and do. It’s often really difficult to take time out and think about our journey through life – most of us are too busy keeping up with it to spend much time reflecting. I’m always secretly thrilled when I get to be a part of a family milestone or celebration. Last Friday was the Kearey’s 10th Wedding Anniversary and they decided to celebrate and mark the moment with a Family Portrait Session. Ten years has brought the Kearey family, among many other things, three amazing children.

One of the things I love most about a shoot like this, is imagining  the Kearey’s sitting back, looking over their wall prints, smiling and feeling awfully proud of the three beautiful children they have raised over the past ten years. The children alone are testament that it has been a wonderful decade.

I really hope you enjoy your images guys and I look forward to shooting your 20th anniversary!

The Hampson Family. Wollongbar Family Portrait Photography


As a kid, is there anything better than a treehouse?  Of course, the kind you build yourself is always the best. It seems to be one of those memories that stays with you; dragging the wood and nails to your favorite tree and creating an amazing space that’s just for you and your friends.  The Hampson kids certainly have been working hard on building one of their own, complete with swings, rope ladders and a bucket for hoisting important goodies up to the higher branches. I think Dad, Paul, was a little surprised to find a number of items from his shed hanging from the tree when we came to shoot these images!

I’m always a little humbled by how lucky I am to do what I do. One: I really love it. Two: I really love being a part of keeping the memories for people. Every family portrait session is unique because the families I photograph are unique and I love that. Thanks for letting me be a part of your family for the afternoon Paul and Belinda. It was a lot of fun and I hope you love the images!


Hampson_Family_002 Hampson_Family_003 Hampson_Family_004 Hampson_Family_005 Hampson_Family_006 Hampson_Family_007 Hampson_Family_008

The Campbell Family. Alstonville Family Portrait Photography

What a great afternoon I had last Sunday photographing Richard and Di Campbell’s beautiful family. This was a shoot that we had tried to organise a few times previously but had been put off due to bad weather. Lately we’ve had nothing but sunshine, however a couple of hours before this shoot, the sky’s clouded over and we were wondering if we were going to have to reschedule yet again. Thankfully the weather held out and we had a ball shooting in and around their hidden oasis at the back of their property. Here is just a small sampling from the session.

The Teddy Bear Tree

To say that life of late has been busy would be an understatement. We are currently in the thick of wedding season (which is awesome), we are still working on finishing our house and next week I’m conducting workshops at the Australian Sign & Graphics Association’s National Conference, and seminars at Visual Impact Image Expo in Darling Harbour. All this combined with the usual scouting locations for future shoots, meeting with wonderful new clients and general day-to-day chores, leaves very little time to just kick back and enjoy a moment with the kids… which is kind of why Michelle and I packed up our lives in the city and moved to Bangalow in the first place.

On Sunday I decided to postpone tiling our laundry and actually enjoy the day with the kids. About ten metres from our front door there is a beautiful old tree that is known to the locals as the “Teddy Bear Tree”. When we first moved to the area there were dozens of  Teddy Bear’s perched high in the tree or swinging from its branches. Sadly many of these Teddys have fallen victim to decay and there is maybe only fifteen or twenty left, but the tree still remains the gathering place for kids and many young families. The Teddy Bear Tree has two rope swings and our kids, much like most of the kids in the neighborhood, simply love them. Our youngest, Harper, points to the tree and cries out ‘Way’ whenever she wants a swing. ‘Way’ is what she calls it as this is the sounds she makes while swinging ‘Waaay-waaay’.

The first four images in this post are the photos I took of Asia on Sunday. I think her facial expressions highlight just how much fun we were having… a whole lot more fun than tiling. It was so enjoyable in fact, that yesterday I took another hour or so out of my day and just played with Harper around the tree. Time-out with the kids truly is the best medicine for almost any ailment, and rather addictive as well. I think when Harper wakes from her nap today we might find another tree to go and sit under for a while.

The remainder of the images are from yesterday’s playdate.



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