Rhydian Lewis – Bangalow’s Bublè


If you were anywhere near Bangalow on Friday night and weren’t at the A&I Hall, you surely missed out on a great show. Local crooner Rhydian Lewis along with eight piece band The Swinging Residuals, put on an incredible show to the delight of all in attendance. Local swing dancers were kicking up their heels as Rhydian paid tribute to Michael Bublè, with an evening of Bublè’s music along with tales of the crooner’s life and how he has influenced and shaped Rhydian’s life and career.

Rhydian and the band will be performing the show a number of times between Lismore and Brisbane before the end of the year. If it comes to a venue near you, make sure you treat yourself to a night of wonderful music with these incredibly talented musicians.

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Rhydian Lewis. Bangalow’s Bublé.

Rhydian-Lewis-008I’ve been shooting at The Pass in Byron Bay quite a bit lately and it can be difficult to come up with new and exciting ways to shoot the same location over and over again. Thankfully, for this shoot though, the pressure to create something ‘new’ simply didn’t exist. You see Rhydian came to me after seeing another one of my recent blog posts and said ‘I want exactly that’! So, we set out to recreate something I had already done before. In doing so however, I think we ended up with a set of images that although were in a familiar setting, were filled with Rhydian’s fun-loving and professional persona, making each image truly unique.

Rhydian is a multi-talented guy. He’s a professional model, a photographer, a hair-dresser but what he is most widely known for is his incredible singing and showmanship. He is currently putting together an event in Bangalow that is simply not to be missed… especially is you are a fan of Michael Bublé. Full details are as follows (see you there!)

The Music of Michael Bublé

A special evening of live entertainment and dining, including a 9 Piece Big Band “The Swinging Residuals” and Rhydian Lewis performing as Bublé

24th July 2015 @ the A&I Hall Bangalow. Show starts at 7:30pm. There are a variety of eating and dining options available prior to the show, locally and on premises. Tickets start at $49. Special guest singer and local warm up act. Seated performance with dancing areas made available. Contact Rhydian on 0420 454 165 for info or go to www.rhydianandtheresiduals.com/bangalowshow for more details.

Rhydian-Lewis-001byron bay wedding photographer Rhydian-Lewis-002byron bay wedding photographer Rhydian-Lewis-003byron bay wedding photographer Rhydian-Lewis-004byron bay wedding photographer Rhydian-Lewis-005byron bay wedding photographer Rhydian-Lewis-006byron bay wedding photographer Rhydian-Lewis-007byron bay wedding photographerRhydian-Lewis-009byron bay wedding photographer Rhydian-Lewis-010

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