Mary & Mark. An Egyptian Orthodox Sydney Wedding.


Sydney provides such a nice variety to the beach and bush weddings I am used to shooting. No better, or worse but as a photographer it’s great to have that variety. It is also nice to experience variety in religious and cultural traditions. Last Saturday I had the great pleasure of photographing Mary & Mark’s wedding in Sydney. Mary’s family hales from Egypt and so a traditional Coptic Orthodox ceremony was held to celebrate their union at St George’s Church in Kensington. I have photographed many Greek Orthodox weddings but this was the first time for me shooting an Egyptian Orthodox wedding.

After the ceremony, the couple were joined by a large gathering of family and friends at The Refectory, Sydney University. The classic architecture of the University was the perfect setting for their traditional wedding and The Refectory looked amazing. This beautiful old room was gorgeously styled for a casual, cocktail reception which I’m sure all of the guests enjoyed.

Thank you for letting me capture and share your day guys.

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Rosemary & Dale. A Sydney Wedding

I’ve shot many, many weddings since I committed to being a full-time wedding photographer. Some were small, intimate, backyard weddings; some grand weddings with several hundred guests; there were weddings on the beach; weddings in churches; weddings in gardens – it is a wonderful thing that each wedding is so unique and often so touching.

Every now and then I’m lucky enough to shoot a wedding that really encapsulates the fairy tale that many young women dream of. Rosemary looked every bit the modern Cinderella, from her stunning diamante encrusted heels to her gorgeous fairy-tale wedding dress – she looked amazing. Rosemary and Dale’s wedding was not only beautiful but it was really a fun shoot and there was an insane amount of laughter throughout the day. Here are just a few of my favourite images – thanks for choosing me to shoot your big day Rosemary and Dale, I had a fantastic time.


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