Therese & Angelo. An Elements @ Byron Bay Wedding.

Therese & Angelo. An Elements @ Byron Bay Wedding.

Each year Therese and Angelo take a break from city life and head to Kingscliff to holiday with their two beautiful girls. This year, unbeknownst to all their family and friends, before heading to Kingscliff, they took a short stay at Elements of Byron and tied the knot.

The couple both come from Italian heritage and have already been together for 17 years… so it should come as no surprise that their wedding wasn’t going to be a traditional affair. The ceremony took place by the duck pond on the grounds of Elements, to the dulcet tones of Rhydian Lewis and was officiated by Therese’s life-long friend, Melissa Fahey.

After the ceremony, we strolled around the grounds of Elements and Belongil Beach, capturing memories as the sun set on what was a gorgeous day.

Back at Elements, the party was treated to an incredible meal, fantastic service and more wonderful music by Rhydian.



Ceremony Venue:

Elements of Byron

Reception Venue & Catering:

Elements of Byron


Melissa Fahey


Rhydian Lewis

Sonya & Jamie. A Byron Bay Engagement Session.

Sonya & Jamie. A Byron Bay Engagement Session.


Is there anything better than a sunset photo session on the beach when the sky is filled with moody post-storm clouds? Well, I guess there probably is, but right now, nothing comes to mind. Sonya & Jamie travelled to Byron Bay from Sydney for their hinterland wedding and a few days before the wedding, we took to the beach to capture these images. Each of my album packages includes an ‘engagement session’, which is essentially just a trial run of what we’ll be doing together on the wedding day. It’s a great chance for us all to get to know one another better and for me to understand what is and isn’t important to the couple (Oh… and it’s also a great opportunity to show the groom that having professional photos taken isn’t really scary at all). Keep an eye on the blog for Sonya & Jamie’s wedding… coming soon!

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Stephanie & Dylan. A Byron Bay Engagement Session.

Stephanie & Dylan. A Byron Bay Engagement Session.


Stephanie and Dylan live in Melbourne and decided to be married in gorgeous Byron Bay (more on that in their wedding post… coming soon!). As they were from out of town, the only chance we had to shoot their engagement session was just a couple of days before the wedding. ‘Engagement Session’ may even be the wrong term for these shoots. They are more like a ‘trial run’ where the couple and I get to know one another a little better and I get to understand what is important to them photographically. They also have the opportunity to experience what it’s like in front of my camera and realise that it’s not really all that scary… more like a casual walk in the park… or in this case, a nice stroll on the beach.

For Steph and Dyl’s engagement session, we ventured down to one of my favourite parts of Belongil Beach. A nice, quiet part of Byron Bay where you can just about believe you are the only ones on the planet. These guys have so much fun together and Steph has the most infectious smile I have ever come across. Stay tuned for highlights from their Fig Tree wedding hitting the blog very soon.

ENG-Steph-Dyl-002byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-003byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-004byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-005byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-006byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-007byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-008byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-009byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-010byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-011byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-012byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Steph-Dyl-013

Rebecca & Liam. A Belongil Beach Engagement Session.

Rebecca & Liam. A Belongil Beach Engagement Session.


I love this part of Belongil Beach for photo sessions. It is usually very quiet compared to Byron Bay’s most popular beaches and on this particular day, it was virtually deserted. The stormy clouds and earlier rain had kept many people from venturing outside, but Rebecca and Liam couldn’t have asked for better weather for their shoot. Not a drop of rain, beautiful light, moody clouds and sand so white it almost glowed against the dark skies… simply perfect!

These guys were so good together that I didn’t really have to do much more than push a button. They were laughing and cuddling all afternoon and I just knew their wedding day was going to be a wonderful day… more on that soon.

ENG-Bec-Liam-002byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-003 byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-004 byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-005 byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-005a byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-006 byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-007 byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-008 byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-009 byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-009a byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-010 byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-011 byron bay wedding photographer ENG-Bec-Liam-013

Sarah & Jordan. A Byron Bay Engagement Session.


Sarah and Jordan braved the long weekend traffic to venture into Byron Bay last Friday for their engagement session. Being the long weekend, most of the location options for such a shoot were flooded with visitors to the area, so I took the couple to a very quiet and private part of Belongil Beach. It was a gorgeous afternoon and possibly the calmest one we’ve had for quite some time. The inlet at Belongil Creek was like a mirror… so we made the most of it with several reflection shots.

It is now less than two weeks until these guys tie the knot at Byron’s famous Fig Tree Restaurant and I can’t wait to capture the big day!

ENG-Sarah-Jordan-003byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-002byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-004byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-005byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-006byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-007byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-008byron bay wedding bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-009byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-010byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-011byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-012byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-013byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-014byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-015byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-016byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-017byron bay wedding photographerENG-Sarah-Jordan-018

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