Tan & Ant knew exactly what they wanted their wedding day to be… a relaxed gathering of their closest friends and family in a beautiful location with plenty of great food and drinks to ensure everyone had a great afternoon… and that’s exactly what their special day was.

With the couple’s families located mostly in Sydney and Brisbane, Byron Bay made the perfect choice as a location and for their style of day, they couldn’t have picked a better spot than The Secret Garden. Although this venue sits on the main street of Byron Bay, unless you have been there, you wouldn’t know it even existed (hence the name). It provides a private, casual, relaxed environment and is scattered with eclectic artworks and sculptures.

Michelle Shannon delivered a beautiful ceremony, as she always does, and the couple wore enormous grins all the way through. In fact, they both spent a good part of the day laughing as you will see in the images below. It is so nice to see a couple that make one another so very happy and I’m sure their laughter was infectious… everyone, it seemed was having the time of their lives!

Tan & Ant both looked gorgeous, but as stunning as they both were, there were many times throughout the day when they were totally upstaged by their beautiful little girl, Maya. Maya spent much of the ceremony in her parents loving arms, which made me reminisce of my own wedding where I held our daughter Asia for the duration of the ceremony.

I’m sure the couple and all their family and friends kicked on long after I left for the day, and I am just as sure that they are still making one another (and possibly everyone around them) continue to laugh. Congratulations guys!



Michelle Shannon

Ceremony Venue:

Secret Garden


Megan Robinson


Crusta Pizza


Tim Lollback


Flowers at The Farm


Alex Ouston

Bridal Gown:

Bec & Bridge

Bridesmaids Dresses:

Isla by Talulah

Groomsmen Dressed by:


Ted Baker





Decor Supplied by:

Frank & Joy

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